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Physiological respiration involves the mechanisms that ensure that the composition of the funct aional residual capacity is kept constant and equilibrates with the gases dissolved in the pulmonary capillary blood and thus throughout the body. Thus in precise usage, the words breathing and ventilation consistently replaced with ventilation.

  • Swiming pool
  • Air conditioning
  • Hot tub
  • Pets allowed
  • 24/7 Wifi
  • Free parking


  • This property advises that it adheres to Safe Travels (WTTC - Global) cleaning and disinfection practices safety measures are currently in place.
  • Check In, Check Out Time
    Check in Time 9:00am, Check out 11:00pm
  • Children and Infants
    Keep constant and equilibrates with the gases dissolved
  • Cancelation Policy
    Get a 50% refund when you cancel up until 7 days before check‑in.

Traveller Review

  • Safety and Security
  • Maintenance
  • Cleanliness
  • Service
  • Hospitality
  • Size

    54 m2

  • Bedrooms

    2 bedrooms, 2 bed

  • Capacity

    2-5 persons

 Avinguda, Spain
2 mins walk to Strasbourg

Available Rooms

  • Room Type

    Top Amenities




  • Regular Appartment

    1 Room Available

    Wifi Fridge Air-Condition

    $150.00/Night (For Adult)
  • Premium Suite

    1 Room Available

    $510.00/Night (For Adult)
  • Family Suite

    1 Room Available

    $660.00/Night (For Adult)
  • Deluxe Cottage

    4 Rooms Available

    2 bedrooms 2 bed

    $390.00/Night (For Adult)
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